Make Learning Visible

Make Learning Visible
by data-enabling


Creating a product in a real world environment.



The tools that Make Learning Visible allow teachers to spend less time analysing their students and spend more time on working with their students.

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Students get to see what they have learned and how they have progressed over time. In advanced versions of wisy students get study advice too.

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Yes it is way more fun when you know how you can help your kid at school. And helping where it really matters is a good thing too, and with wisy you don't need to be a teacher to do that.

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Institutions get insights about how they are doing and how they can support their teaching staff the best. It also gives insight about what method works best.

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The tools that
put learning
into perspective

John Hattie, the famous education researcher, puts it that way: "Visible Learning means an enhanced role for teachers as they become evaluators of their own teaching."

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Understanding Education

What wisy does

The goal of wisy is simple. We create a tool that blends into teaching and studying seamlessly and adds value to existing transactions. We specifically target the improvement of how basics are taught today. We believe basics are the foundation of every creative expression. The wisy-way not only allows teachers to improve their teaching it also saves time while achieving the same impact. 
And here's our proposal to education. Let's use this additional time together with the basics we just learned and express ourselves just in the way we are. That is what creativity means to us.



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