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As education progresses so does the role of the teacher. The role of the lecturer dates back to medieval ages and is a convenient form for unilateral teaching where one teacher has to disperse knowledge to a large number of pupils.

In todays classrooms expectations concerning individual education rise. It is no longer a viable method to read out knowledge to the class and expect everyone to study at the same pace.

In order to create a more individual way of teaching, teachers must spend more time on analysing the track record and current status of each student. That is simply not possible for a class of 30 students and with days containing only 24 hours.

This is where wisy helps teachers. With data-enabled exams teachers automatically get a clear overview of their students individual track record and status. No additional effort is required to attain this. Apart from using – and if not available creating – a data-enabled exam library.

Making Learning Visible helps teachers to understand where each student is struggling and teachers can more easily direct them to the relevant exercises so that every student works at his or her right pace. Teachers can also form clusters with students facing the same or different problems so they can engage in helping their peers.



Since numbers are fairly accurate they also generate valuable feedback on a class level. Was my method of explaining the Pythagorean Theorem effective? Are my students still able to remember what we learned a month ago? 

These insight help teachers developing their teaching methods.

On an even broader scale teachers using virtual assistants will be able to see patterns in the long run. AI-supported assistants are able to detect if a student needs more targeted support. There may be students who haven't developed a conceptual thinking style and this will become apparent in datasets given a large enough sample size.

Of course this only works if the exams the teacher employs are data-enabled. For the most common teaching materials teachers will easily find a suitable exam-library in the wisy-database.

However since most teachers are individualists concerning their teaching habits they will also be able to resort to custom exam-libraries. Setting up an own data-enabled exam-library is not rocket science and with the right approach will be achievable by anyone who is able to attain a teacher diploma.


Teachers like the individual
The open structure of wisy allows each teacher to create their own data-enabled exam-library.

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