wisy creates positive experiences for students by Making their effort Visible.


What drives us
Humans in general and students in particular need to see what they are working on and why they are doing this work. This gives their work a purpose and if the purpose is also aimed towards creating positive experiences the whole learning process becomes even more powerful.

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What makes a student perform? What makes a student stay motivated? Our answer to that is: Make learning a positive experience. Show your students that what they are doing is relevant and show them their progress no matter how little it may be. Show them that the effort they're making is paying off.  

Numerous research papers highlight the importance to make the abstract process of learning somewhat graspable. John Hattie, one of the lead figures in education research, is a bright example of the importance of this concept.

It is not only important to show to students what they are doing, Making Learning Visible also helps when making a point why some exercises or homework are relevant.  

If a student understands why he is working on a particular subject or solving a certain problem he is ready to give his best. This is rendered possible by the tools that Percival provide.

Percival Makes Learning Visible with the help of data analysis and IT. It is however the teacher that conveys the message and that is what keeps the student engaged. 

Understanding this aspect is crucial to the success of a data-enabled environment in education. If the sentiment tips towards interpreting these numbers as KPIs that need improvement then the whole point of creating a positive experience is lost.