Make Learning Visible

The tool to
Make Learning Visible

Nothing is as important as to show progress to students, to make learning visible. Wisy is the tool to make it happen. Wisy enables teachers to
Make Learning Visible.

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Collecting Data

Wisy shows a way how to data-enable exams in order to paint a reliable picture of a students status and progress over time.


Visualising Data

By having a standardised way of collecting data, progress can be visualised and Learning can come to life.



Planning with the help of Visualisation

With a clear picture in mind it is a lot easier to make a study plan accordingly.



Acting upon insights

Having a plan that addresses the needs of a student directly renders study sessions more effective and purposeful.


The Cycle

We developed an iteration cycle that enables students to progress and teachers to find the best solutions to each individual problem.

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A Platform for data enabled exams

Every teacher has a different teaching style, every region has different curricula. This is the reason why we open up our technology for everyone to use. Everyone can create and publish their own exams on our platform for everyone to use.

If you are a teacher and use standard teaching material be sure to find the matching exam-library on our platform. Since many teachers will already have been working with the same exam-library a lot of data will be available to rate the performance of your students and data models will be available to give personalised advice.

If you teach a niche subject you can adapt your existing exam libraries and publish them on our platform for your fellow teachers to use them.

Tools to make learning visible

Assessing students is a task that takes time and a lot of experience if you don't have access to data. With our tools for visualisation you as a teacher will be able to get a clear idea of where your students excel and where they still need your support. It just needs one exam.

As a student you will get a clear idea of your skills, our tools map out your areas of expertise and the ones where you still need to work on. It will make learning truly visible.

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Performance indicators for institutions

Public institutions don't have any means to measure their efficiency. With data enabled exams it is much easier to assess whether students passing through the institution actually progress. It also becomes possible to identify subjects where teaching materials have to be improved.

Students with critical trajectories can be supported in a timely fashion and with adequate help.

Data interpretation

Not only students can interpret their data to make informed study decisions. Also teachers will get a clearer insight about how their teaching affects their students and what measures would be adequate to improve certain areas.

On a broader scale data can be interpreted to find links between subjects. Maybe Grammar affects your skills in Algebra? Maybe certain subjects in French help you boost your ability to memorise a lot better?